Blogging 10 ways to earn money online from blogging 2020

Blogging 10 ways to earn money online from blogging 2020 ( tip of earning)
Blogging 10 ways to earn money online from blogging 2020 ( tip of earning)

Blogging History and earning-

A few years ago, people took blogging as a hobby and done this work with a regular job as part-time but after a year people will take this seriously and done this job full time. If you will want a blogging for a long term carrier, then only you can earn a huge amount in a year. If you have good quality content, indexing skills, and a very good promotion knowledge then after this, you will be capable to earn a good amount, which would be $500-5000$ in a month. And it also depends on your domain age, the more your domain old, the more you get an advantage. A study proved that an old domain Adsense puts high CPC ads which help you to gain more money. Well, it’s a good way to get your writing noticed and also a great way to connect people around the world who need you, teach them What you know very well and instead of this, you can get a good amount in blogging through Google AdSense. Also you can do Affiliate marketing in your blog and can earn a big amount through sells affiliates products.

In 2020, Blogging is a profitable profession business and people are earning millions through this passion.

In Blogging 10 Ways to make money through-

1.Online course and workshop-

If you are good at blogging or something related to this like digital marketing, Coding, and affiliates marketing, you can convert this hobby into online courses and workshops. Most people and companies make millions of dollars through online courses & workshops. And they increase their revenue year by year. But first, you will have to understand people need like why will they buy your course? Are you providing good quality & valuable courses? Are your courses different from other courses? When you will have all theses answers and you providing the people good content that helps people to grow knowledge in this field. They will automatically be converted into consumers and will increase your earning. In a report, the student loan debt increased by $77 billion in the USA which meant heavy school/college fees turn student to purchased this minimum fees course as a hobby, and he or she earns millions of dollars money from their hobby.

The best example is Udemy, in my site, you can find several online courses and use this course to gain any knowledge like digital marketing, Blogging, SEO field, etc. Nothing is free in this world so you will have to pay for these courses. I also purchased SEO courses from here and the courses are full of knowledge and it helps me to gain knowledge about SEO.

When Udemy was started, he signed a deal with len smith, a copywriter in England that he turn his book how to be a copywriter and earn money from home into an online video course. He developed course into video and promoting itself and about a week, his course demanding were increasing day by day and he jumped $7000 a month. After one year, he earned a million-dollar form his video in udemy, and later, he took his another course video on udemy, and now he is a successful man with a good source of income.

2. Ebook writing-

The main question comes, can I earn money from writing an e-book and the answer is yes. Yes, you can make money from an e-book. But for this, you should have knowledge about the field, you wanna write an e-book. You can earn $10000 a year or better. But only 1% of the people self-publishing ebooks are making money. But for earning money, you will have to make an e-book with new material( something innovative knowledge) in the market. If you have done this, your book can be a bestseller and you can earn money. You can also sell your e-book in Instamojo and amazon and hundred of free platforms etc.  Amazon is making it easier than ever to publish a notebook. You can set your own pricing and market it through any channel or online agency you want. But before this, I already told you. You should have knowledge of your field. Imagine, if you are a math teacher who teaches in a college for 10 years and you have a lot of knowledge about your field. You can write your e-book about teaching methods like how to solve difficult questions in a simple step by step and you also tell various methods about these questions. You can also tell people about ‘maths journey- new method’ and the how-to increase interest in maths. This will help students to gain knowledge and they will surely buy your courses. But for this, you should have knowledge about your passion field. And if you have all this, then you can make e-book with the help of canvas software. is an online site that helps to generate images, videos, and many more things. You can search a letter in a search box and then click on the link image and can start writing your book. So Best of luck, for your future.

3. Affiliate Marketing-

For this, the first question is what is an affiliate, and how do I become an affiliate marketer?

Affiliate marketing is a online based business where a affiliate person can make more money through selling the affiliate products with the help of affiliate link. The affiliate company provide you a link of products and if the person click on that link and buy your products. You earn a reward in real money that automatically transfer in your bank account, it took a week and lastly a month.  And for selling the affiliates products, company pay him some commission that depends on the products. There are many company who runs a affiliate program like flipkart, amazon, ebay, hosgator, nearbuy and godaddy. Many bloggers and people earn millions of dollars through this affiliate program.  You can also make more money with the help of creating affiliates site where you can give reviews about products and can sell the affiliate products through affiliate link. But for this, you will have to registered yourself as a affiliate marketer in affiliate site. And fill the information about yourself and about your bank account so that your affiliate money came to your account. Don’t worry, its safe and secure. I am also a affiliate marketer and making more of money through affiliate marketing. After registering yourself as a affiliate marketer,  you can also use social platform like facebook page, instagrampage, quora, pinterest and youtube for selling products or give the link of affiliate productrs. Many of us using this platform and making money. In first beginning, it will take time coz everything is not easy. You will have to gain followers in your social platform so that people came in your platform and if they like your opinion about products, they can surely buy it.

The internet offers limitless possibilities for earning online and affiliate marketing is one way to make money online. Another question people asking to an affiliate that how much I earn from blogging? And the answer is that it depends on your scale and site traffic because this industry is growing steadily, and has more potential to give you millions of dollars in a year. But for this, you should be very good in this field so if you any other questions please tell us in the comment box. I will surely give answers to the questions.

4. Advertising-

Advertising is a great way to earn money in blogging. Many people used this platform and earn millions of dollars in money like huffing posts, backlinks, and mashable. They are earning millions of money in blogging in a month. But most of the people are not happy with this coz sometimes many of the people complaining that its does not approve and sometimes you don’t happy with Adsense income and sometimes and your account banned from google and disabled account also a big part of not approving this. Whatever the reasons you have, but you can try another method for earning and it can be good for you.

You can also sell your own advertising space of site and the other company and agency will give you charge money for this. But I already told this. For this, you should have more traffic in your site.

The second method is ppc which means pay per click. Its means if if someone click on the ads , the company will pay you amount (what ever amount copany decide with you) for this. It is generally a very known method .

Chitika, and infolinks are the company that give you this platform.

In Chitika, they serve conceptual ads in our platform and pay the users amount. The minimum threshold is $10if getting pays by paypal and if check its $50.

And in, first they optimized your site and give you the ads, the minimum threshold is $100 and same in infolink , the procedure is same like and their min. threshold also is $100.

In third option, paid reviews is also a good company for earning. IN paid review , you just have to publishing review on products and services that you trust.

Also is a good site for this. In this site, they provided customers a backlink so you can give backlinks to another site and make a good money. You can also set your price and give the reviews About the sitewhich you are giving backlink. They pay you through paypal.

Another payu2blogs are the other sites that pay you when you writing a positive Blog on real Estate, health, retails etc. They pay you every 2 weeks.

The last one is you can direct puts ads on your blog but for this you have a decent traffic on your site. They direct put ads on your website and give you money whenever users click on your ads.

Buysellads and blogads sites also do this work.

5. Selling products or merchandise-

selling merchandise is a great way to turn your audience into a source of revenue. If you have great traffic of users and want to convert customers into money then selling your product help you to make money. You can convert your site into an online store and start making a profitable site. But for this, you should have to add a button on your platform so that interested people buy the products. It can be hard for you because most people don’t interested to buy products from any blogging site but you will have to popular your site for this. And if they like products, they can buy them. Sometimes the delivery of products may be difficult for you coz if someone buys your products from another country, it may be difficult for you to deliver these products. But don’t worry, there are many other sites who selling the products that you refer your customers to will give a fee in exchange for referring to them. It will also be reducing the risks of holding the products. Amazon also offers a referred program that allows you to refer your users to their products and if they buy something, you can earn a good amount. Amazon offers you a variety of items of products so I recommended you this because you can refer your users to various products means a possibilities of they can buy their products. But if you are available to deliver your products and want to spread your own brand. You can choose your own merchandise. It will also help you in the future to grow your brand. For payment method, you can choose WordPress simple Paypal shopping cart that allows you to ‘add to cart button’ for your products. This plugin helps you to sell products or any services directly to your own word press site and turn your site into an e-commerce site. you know about the benefits of this plugin, you can go to this link. Shopify is also a popular option and it integrates pretty easily with WordPress. If you really want to do this. Guys, best of luck for your site.

6. Selling content-

in the world, people don’t have a lot of time to create something coz they are already busy in their own work. For finding these problem solutions, they buy their interesting things which they cant create coz lack of time. In the blogging field, selling content is a good source of earning money. You can sell your selling content to others in return for money. But the problem is that this business is not always good business. My friend Peter is also a content writer and they say that this job has a lot of opportunities and he has been selling an article for two years and make around $2000 per month. I know that not a big amount but according to him, he loves that job. And in my opinion, if you are good at your content writing niche, you can also sell your article to others or writing an article for someone else. In 2020, in US 10% or 4 million people turn yourself to bloggers and they are making good money. And when the blogger increases in the world, the need for content writing will automatically increase. Many people hire a content writer and with the help of content writers, they are making a good source of income. More than 3 out of 4 internet users read blogs regularly.) So in my opinion, content writing or selling can be a good business. And in 2020, we are still at the beginning of content writing. Many people sell their blogging site content in favor of money.

7. Public Speaking Influencer-

If you are earning a good amount through Blogging and very good in speaking and if you have the capability of influencing people through your speaking. But the question is What is public speaking and in simple words, a live presentation before an audience. The main goal of the speech may be to educate, entertain, or influence the listeners. If you are good in this field, you can earn a good amount. But before this, you will have to speak for free, you need to spend time for amateur and will create the value of your speaking then you can speak for a little fee. But before talking about public speaking, I want to tell you about the Guy name Dananjaya Hettiarachchi, who was a world champion of public speaking 2014 and was also a failure person before winning. He faced many problems in his life and after broken, he decided to do something that he loves and turn into his life into a public speaker. Many people win and fail in his life, But if you have the potential to do something and if you are good at speaking. You can do start speaking around people. There are many platforms that help you find your goal. You can speak about anything coz everyone has different fields and knowledge experience. If you are good at Blogging, digital marketing, motivational, business etc., you can give your knowledge to others through public speaking. and after so many speeches, you can charge money from seminar. A little work hard get fame in this industry. You can start a youtube channel and give your knowledge through video. So many people get fame from youtube and Today, he is a popular public speaker

8. Sell a business plan-

If you are good at blogging and your site is full of visitors, you can add some plan to your site and start making money through this plan. But the question is what is the plan? You know many people search keywords for blog purpose and few sites take big money for keyword research, you can also add this keyword research tool in your site in a monthly plan. In the first Beginning, you can also give people a one month trial version and after that you can pay for this plan, a minimum price compared to other sites. It will work. People also check the domain authority, backlink builds, site rank, site overview, blog rank checker, and DA, PA of site. You can also add this tool to your site and convert it into a monthly plan. There are many sites like Ahref, semrush, Moz, Neil Patel, and many more, etc. that giving this monthly plan to people and making millions of dollars through plans. Let’s take an example of Niel Patel’s site where Niel Patel divided his plans into different categories like Individual, Business, and Enterprise, and each plans different facilities and prices. According to people’s interests, they choose their plan to pay the fees and took benefits. But he is a professional Blogger and it took him many years to gain knowledge. So first you will have to gain knowledge about blogging and then you are capable of business plan opportunities. Coz when you will be a famous Blogger, the trust of people increase to you, and then it may be a possibility that people can buy your plans. But if you want to start a company like this, in the beginning, it will take time to trust people on your site but after a few years, it will be a good business in the future. You can so much good in this field.

9. Sell template-

Today, in this world, the number of internet bloggers increasing day by day. That’s why the market volume of the blogging site is spreading more. And the demand for theme and template is still increasing. So you can choose these things as a passion and make money from this. Making a template is difficult for you coz it takes time and you should have very well knowledge about this field. But, don’t worry, you can hire staff, designers and make a template with the help of them. The more attractive your template, people attract more. So you will have to make unit designs and use attractive things in your template. There are many types of themes like PSD design file, HTML/CSS templates, WordPress themes and etc. So you can choose which types of designs really good at marketing. Also, it will take time but at last give you a profitable business. In the beginning, You can put it free for everyone, and after the more people will use your template, and after the popularity of your template will increase, you can fix the price of the template. In social media platforms, you can review your products from popular stars and youtubers and advertise your template. The more people will see your templates, the more opportunity of making money. This business is getting good reviews from the people. Also you can sell your template on different sites. They took a little commission from you at the end of when your template sell.  eBay, Theme forest, Tempelamaic, buttstock design, FlashDen and Site point, etc. are the platforms where you can sell your templates. You can sell your template around $15 to 500$ depending on you, your design, and market demand. But as I already told you before starting this business, you should have very well knowledge of this field. So in the end, you can choose your business according to your interest and turn yourself to be a good businessman.

10. Teaching Consulting/Coaching-

If you are good at blogging and a decent of good traffic like your blogs. If you have experienced about blogging, Digital marketing, social platform, you can convert your knowledge into online teaching consulting on your site and make a good amount. Also you can guide to a beginner guide through consulting that How you can become a profitable blogger and What type of problems you faced during struggle time and How you overcome from your problem and can charge a fee of consulting. There are many people who interested to gain knowledge and ready to spend money in exchange for knowledge. Also you can make a course of your knowledge field in audio and video form and charge a fixed price, also you can sell your course on your site. So many people doing this work and making a good amount. They are selling their courses in the video from and earnings millions of dollars money through self courses. If you have a good knowledge of your field, you can surely start this business.  But you will make a good image of yourself in your field. You can also make your youtube channel and give your knowledge into a youtube video and when the users base will increase, you will see them your courses and about the benefits of your courses and how they can earn good knowledge through your courses. Surely, it will help you to sell your courses. Also you can use Facebook and Instagram to promote your courses. In my opinion, LinkedIn is a good social platform to generate new which will help you to sell your courses. Because a big amount of corporate and students are there and it also helps me a lot. Also, In Beginning, you can give some discount a 7 day free trial to your users and you can pay from your users. And in my opinion, it also a good field and a big amount of people earn huge money from this field.


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