Google Ranking and how to increase ranking for free 2020

What is Google Ranking and ultimate guide to rank high on google 2020
What is Google Ranking and ultimate guide to rank high on google 2020

What is Google Ranking?

Friends, whenever you make y\our site article public, Google’s algorithm ranks your article on many factors. If the on-page SEO of your article, the content quality, and other things that are mentioned in the article. If true, then Google shows your content on its first page which gives you traffic because people prefer to click on the first rank article.

Google Ranking how to increased

Friends, as I told you that Google ranking depends on many factors. Friends, the only work of Google’s search engine is to make people provide the best results. That’s why search engines help us a lot. Apart from this, you can get your article ranked by reading the factor written below.

Google Ranking Factor

1. Content is King

Friends, Google always gives preference to fresh and knowledgeable content. Therefore, you should always provide the right valuable content to people by collecting knowledge by themselves or by hiring a content writer. So that your content can reach the top page on Google. Google is becoming very smart nowadays. You can’t make him goofy. So do not take content from another site and modify it and upload it to your site. This does not make the content in copyright, but it is also not ranked. Avoid it? I kept doing this myself for 3 months and then when there was no traffic. Then I gathered knowledge and started writing my own content. If you are hiring any content writer, then get the content written in front because many content writers modify the content of other sites and paste them in the name of work from home. It wastes money and the other does not rank content. I myself was a victim of this thing in the beginning, so avoid these things. Content works 80% in getting your site ranked. Hence it is called – Content is King.

2. Focus Keyword-

Friends, this focus keyword means which topic you are going to write a blog post with, which keyword do you want to rank with Google? You have to use that keyword in the title, meta-descriptions, and h1 heading. And use that keyword in your blog a lot of times so that Google can crawl that blog and through the focus keyword identify which keyword your post is based on. And that blog can be provided to people. Keep in mind – You cannot provide a single focus keyword in all your posts. Google does not accept this. Like, suppose you have a blog – what is bloggertimer and how does it work? So your focus keyword will be bloggertimer! And you have to use this keyword in the title, in meta description and in h1 and h2 heading so that focus keyword can be set. Apart from this, you have to use Bloggertimer several times in between blogs. It helps a lot in Google ranking your post here. Which helps in ranking of the site.

3. Long Keyword-

Friends, try to keep the title as long as possible. Because long keyword helps in bringing more traffic than short keyword. And reach a specific audience. You can take help of many tools like Semrush, Ahref and google search tool to findout the keyword. Keywords help a lot in increasing Google ranking.

4. External Link-

Friends, whenever you upload any post, keep in mind that whatever you are providing external link in the post. | His DA should always be 30-40 or more. Also, you should also keep in mind that whatever external link you are providing should be related to the post. Which will make the user feel good and if not there is no problem. But DA and PA of external link must be correct. So that it does not come forward as a broken link for us.

5. Internal Link-

Friends, internal link can increase your Google ranking and SEO so much that you cannot even think. This reduces your site’s bounce rate. And increases customer timing on the site. Which increases Google’s Trust Flow on the site. And Google provides rankings to the site. Keep in mind – Whenever you post an article and give an internal link, then provide the link according to the post.

6. Update Blog Regular-

Friends, keep updating your blog on a DAILY BASIS. This will make Google feel that there is daily work on your site. So gradually Google Trust FLOW of your site will grow. Google will feel that this is not a fake site. That’s why update the content on a daily basis. You can add some new content to it, or you can change the image or video and provide another image or video.

7. Compress image and video then used-

Friends, if you want your content to be seen quickly by the people and do not take time to load, then you should compress your images and videos to whatever you show in the blog first so that the loading time of your site is reduced and the customer Do not take time to read the article.

8. Link share on Social platform-

Many famous bloggero say that you cannot depend only on organic traffic. Because if your site is new, it will take some time. Therefore, you should share your content by creating id on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, pinterest and making your followers there. So that more and more people can reach your site. This increases the ranking of the site. From theimage given above, you must have understood how you can do this work.

9. Fix Broken link-

Friends, broken link or we can also call them dead link. Whenever we provide internal or external link in our blog. So we should keep in mind that there is no link that is showing error, meaning there is a broken link because this link degrades the reputation of your site. Therefore, the link should always be checked. Many bloggers take backlinks from another site but we should also periodically check them to see if the site is closed so that the backlinks turn into broken links and the Google ranking of our site drops. You can check the broken link in your site with the help of this site.

10. Check Spam Score-

Friends, if your site’s spam score is 1%, then you are tension free but if it is more than 1% then it means that someone is spamming your site. And providing you backlinks incorrectly or from the wrong site. Which will increase your site’s spam score? According to Blogging’s report – Google does not give rankings to such sites. And reduces the ranking of the site. If you are taking backlinks from any site, then see if their spam score is not high. So do not backlink from that site. Many sites that do harm to the Google algorithm. Google bans such sites. These sites work to spread spam. The spam score of any valuable site is 1%. So keep it this way. You can check your spam score with the help of sites like Semrush, Ahref, Moz. And by making a list of the sites that have given you a bad backlink, you can disavow them from Google’s help and remove them. Basically, I check my site’s spam score with the help of Websiteseochecker site. And you can check Alexa ranking and DA, PA in it.

11. Upload Sitemap in Google Search upload-

Friends, this is a very important step that you have to do. In this, you have to submit the sitemap of your site in Google search console. So that Google will know that your site also exists in Google. This also brings the attention of Google to your site. Which is very important for Google ranking. If you do not know how to see the sitemap of your site, then you have to type your domain name and your site’s sitemap will come out and just then you have to go to google search console and submit it.

12. Choose a good domain name-

Friends, it is not that your domain name is and you have to get some more proivde. If this is the case, immediately you either change the content of the site or the domain. Because this will keep both your users and Google in confusion. A right domain can greatly increase your user base. So choose the domain according to the content. For example, if you want to show your content in India, then you should use .in in whatever domain you choose and if you want to provide content outside India, then you should use .com. And I would advise you to use .com. So that you can get a lot of traffic.

13. Buy Right Hosting-

Friends, Amrit works for a perfect hosting site. If your site is built on WordPress, you cannot use every hosting. Because it affects the site speed, y-slow speed, page size and loading time. Which has a negative impact on the ranking of the site. And the site is unable to get rankings which causes trouble in Google ranking. I believe that you should get hosting from sites like SiteGround, Greengreek and Hosgator only. Because their hosting is mainly for blogging site. You can check the speed, pageise and loading-time of your site with the help of GTmetrix.

14. Focus on Site Speed-

Friends, we should also pay attention to the speed of the site. As I told you, it requires the right hosting. But this does not completely correct the speed of the site. For this, you can take the help of the W3 cache plugin. By the way, it is a paid-plugin. But you can also use its free plugin. This reduces the load on your site. And cleans the site’s trash. Just go to your admin panel and delete the trash by clicking on the delete cache and clear cache. And it clears the cache. But if you have money, you can use a paid-plugin. This reduces a load of your site as well as corrects Yslow speed, Page-speed, and loading time. As you can see in the image. This makes your site exactly like that. And it compresses the coding as well. And the image, video you use in the post. Automatically compresses it. Meaning it is a helpful plugin.

15. Remove Site Trash-

Friends, whenever you work on the site, keep your site’s cache clear or delete. This will reduce the load of the site and the site will work well. Therefore, keep the cache in the middle of work.

16. Make Backlink-

Friends, Content is King but backlinks are also very important for the site. Which is a good way to increase site ranking and traffic? If a site that has a lot of DA, PA, and is a trusted site, then you can take backlink from it. For this, you will have to talk to the site administrator. It may be that he gives you a backlink instead of a guest post, or you have to pay something and get a backlink. But if you are making a backlink which is very important, then take it from a good site whose DA, PA is more. You can check the DA, PA of the site with the help of the website SEO checker site. And the other one which is the content of your site takes a backlink from the same site of the same content. Which will help in ranking your site? You can also get paid backlinks from some sites. But there is a danger that if you get a low-quality backlink, the ranking of the site will be low and there is a possibility of increasing the spam score. And secondly, if you get a lot of backlinks together then Google also suspects. And in such a situation, Google drops your ranking or stops Adsense.

17. Do not use any site article modified-

Friends, due to being new to this field, many people hire content writers from work. And make them work. In this case, the content writer picks the topic from somewhere and modfied it a little. Which does not cause content copyright, but as I told you, Google’s algorithm is very smart. He knows that people have already provided such content or knowledge. So it does not rank your content. Google wants absolutely fresh content with knowledge. You guys have to understand this much. Or do not modify the content of any site yourself and post it in the site. You take knowledge first, then write the content or make the content writer work in front. This will also make the content fresh and you will get more work.

18. Use the required plugin

Friends, some people install the Plugin more than they thought necessary. This makes their work easier but the site gets punished. Its load on your site increases. And the speed of the site slows down. And users have problems. The loading time of the post increases. Avoid it? so it can help in google ranking.

19. Use Yoast Seo

Friends, if you do not have a Plugin for Yoast Seo in your Admin Panel then install it now. Because on-page Seo grows here, DA of the site helps in increasing PA. Basically, this is a free plugin. But you can also use its Paid-Version. I use its free version. Here tells me how is the On-page SEO of my post. Just a few things have to be set. Which depends on our post. If you use it, you will know slowly. But if new bloggers have any problem with this, then tell me in the comments?

20. Meta Tag Description-

You must have seen in the image what is Meta Tag Description. Many people read the Meta Description before clicking on the article. And here attract people to click the article to read it. People get to know about the post by reading the Meta description. And as much as you can, cover the main-point in the Meta description. Because you can add only 155-160 words to it. Which makes people provide a short description of the post.

21. Create a Mobile-Friendly Site

Friends, here the Mobile-Friendly site means that whatever theme you have on your site should be more mobile-friendly than the desktop there. Because people use mobile more than laptops or Pc. And in such a situation, if your site will not be Mobile Friendly and people will get the problem, then they will not like to visit your site. Which will cause your site ranking to quell? And anyway friends, in 2019, 4.68 people preferred to use mobile. In which this figure has increased from 9.3% to 5 Billion in 2020. Therefore, as much as you can, make the site mobile-friendly.

22. One Niche, One Goal Formula-

Friends, some people new to this field think that if they provide knowledge in all subjects or write a lot of content, they will earn a lot of money. But it is not like this here wastes both time and money. This causes Google algorithms to identify the content of your site. And it has not been able to give ranking to the content of your site. So work on one of the Niches that you have knowledge about. There are many bloggers who work on a Niche and earn millions of months from that. You cannot command Niche at all, because they do such work with the news. The whole team lives on them, different people for different Niche. So stay focused on one Niche and one Goal. If you set foot on a lot of boats, you are more likely to drown.

23. Shift Site from HTTP to HTTPS

Friends, its full form is HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure. , Friends, since 2018 Google’s Chrome Browser has started showing Non-Secure to sites that do not have Https. Which means this site is safe. And you cannot share credit card, password details on this site. That’s why Google chrome has recognized Https for the purpose of securing the site. In this, you can secure the site with the help of an SSL certificate to protect it from hackers. This creates a secure connection between your browser and the server. Which makes it difficult for hackers to hack the connection.

24. On-Page Seo

On-Page Seo is a very important term. On-Page Seo is the most important thing in ranking a blog. You cannot rank your post in Google without correcting On-Page Seo. Your Yoast Plugin helps you a lot in correcting On Page Seo. This post helps in correcting Title, Keyword Density, Alt-image, Meta Discription and Focus keyword. This increases the On-Page Seo of your page and makes the post easily ranked. You can read about On-Page Seo by visiting this link.
Title- A good title should be 7-8 words. That is why, as much as possible, put the title in a long keyword.
Keyword-density- Use the keyword as much as possible. So that Google can crawl and rank the keyword.

Alt-image- Provide the title, discription and link discription in the image so that the image is uploaded to Google by the name of your blog.

Meta-description- Meta-description Short and main point cover Should be And Description should be of 155-160 words.
Focus-keyword- Focus keyword try to provide as much of the post as possible.


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