How to open the icici bank account(2020)

how to open icici bank saving account
0pen icici saving bank account

Open the icici bank account

You will need certain documents to open the icici Savings Account and submit them icici bank after proper formalities. The documentation process for Basic Savings Account is different in each case of individuals, Hindu Undivided Families and Joint Basic Savings Account. Here is a full list of documents you will need in order to maintain the account. 

Documents asked for opening a Basic Savings Account:

  • Two recent passport size photo. 
  • Age proof like birth certificate etc. 
  • If you are applying for a Joint account it requires ID proof (list of id proof mention below) documents of both the applicants and the address proof is needed only of the primary holder and a document establishing a relationship proof between both the parties.

Address Proof /ID Proof

  1. Job Card issued by NREGA and duly signed by the respective officer. 
  2. Aadhaar card
  3. Valid Passport
  4. PAN Card
  5. Electricity bill
  6. Voter’s ID Card
  7. Valid Driving License.

Types of ICICI Bank Savings Account:-

Titanium Privilege Account 

This particular provide privilege banking advantages to you and your family members. Also, features like discounts on annual locker rentals, free Debit cards, nomination facility and banking facilities to give unique banking experience.

Interest rate – 4% 
Min balance – ₹ 125000

Gold Privilege Account-
Solely designed to make savings simplified, this account is provided numerous services in addition to the basic facilities of a savings account. Customers get free gold privilege debit cards and UNLIMITED cash withdrawal transactions on ATM. 

Interest rate – 4%

Min balance – ₹ 50000

Silver Privilege Account –
Account-holders get added benefits like minimum locker charges, DD/PO charges waiver, free “Anywhere Banking” and mobile banking.

Interest rate – 4%

Min balance- 25000

Personalized Pocket Debit Card is given. 

Regular savings account –
Even a regular savings account gives certain advantages like money multiplier facility, smart shopper silver debit card, and other VISA advantages.  

Interest rate is 4%

Min balance 2500 in rural, 5000 semi-urban and 10,000 in Urban.

Pocket Savings Account-
Pockets are referred to as a wallet as all wallet does it provides a virtual place to keep your money and use it as required. Customers of any bank can create a Pockets account and instantly start using it liberally for transactions. 

Interest rate is 4%

No minimum required

A customized Pocket Debit Card is given. 

Young stars account –
Any child above age 10 can use the Young Stars account all by him. Alternatively, parents can use this account to plan their child’s needs. 

Interest rate is 4%

Min balance is 2500

Personalized Pocket Debit Card issued.

Advantage Women’s Savings Account-
Packed with special benefits and cool offers, this card provides offers like zero balance facility, cash withdrawals with no limit and a debit card to manage daily expenses.

Interest rate is 4%

Min balance- 10,000

MasterCard World Debit Card issued.

Senior Citizens Savings Account-
A dedicated savings account tailored for customers coming in above 60 age segment, Senior Citizens account will help them to enjoy banking on their own comfort. 

Interest rate is 4%

Min balance – 5000

Smart Shopper Silver Debit card issued.

Basic Saving Account –
No minimum balance needs to be maintained, basic savings account falls under Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY). Account-holders are eligible for a free passbook, free personalized RuPay Debit card and mobile banking facility this account and features are given in all banks.

Interest rate is 4%

No minimum balance required 

Rupay card is issued.

For more information, you can go to the ICICI BANK Site.


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